20 thoughts on “I Bet on Sports Trying to Get Banned

  1. I think you should investigate “Bender Wins” sports betting

    He is a winning sports bettor that crushes it for %56 win rate over a massive sample (%60 recently)

    Ask him for an interview and he will take you

  2. Spence love your content don’t scam your audience it understandable that Scott is calling you out honesty I wouldn’t not have shrugged him instead you should investigate your 2 friend Andre jihk, and Kevin meek, I think you guys knew ftx failing apart was eventually going happen, you should have acknowledged Scott not blow him off as I feel he’s was warning you he feels your being ignorant.

  3. Can you explain how the odds makers come up with the betting line. Pick one football game and explain how they do it please.Also who are these people who make the odds. Glantz & Culver were the oddsmakers the Chicago Sun times newspaper used but this was back in the 90s?

  4. go to asia i heard it was open to quite large bets
    i wana look at asia in future & other ways coz i dont think u can use other peoples names but some people pay them
    & yeah number i think is right i think some gamblers r being monitored with numbers & such it was strange awhile ago on chat that i was told where i was located & that was where i connected to for my vpn

    but am aware of how some would track & coders

    1 account i cant deposit money into anymore i won some money from

    i wana go asia & find other ways

    definitly wana make a living outta it in future or have other ways of makin money but involvin in sports still with such ideas also
    but sports is ok

    & how did u get banned when u mentioned u $30,000?
    & how did he make $50,000 & u lose $30,000?
    doesnt sound right

    but i guess telling us hes a clown also
    or maybe 1 of his bad days
    & $700,000?
    how long has that guy been saving for?
    & or how many friends do they have if hes winning that much needin new fones & i.ds doesnt make sense

    anyways i think gona b easier way to make bets in future
    if not me someone esle wil or already has i think can berry mentioned it
    where u make bets but not with bookie agencies directly which is great i think

  5. when bet on trash sites and scams then you get ban because when you play on normal sites you can win billions and doesn't get ban

  6. Spencer i am highly dissapoint it. I sign up for david picks for a month. I was down 30 units. I dont know if he was on a bad run but his business is very shady. You pick a monthly subcription and then you have to pay for extras daily.

  7. Spencer you lost 30 000$ in a single day
    Maybe instead of calling out suckers and scammers realize that you have been sucker here and the guy you are promoting as a "legit" is not some betting genius but rather a scammer who sells "winning picks" on TikTok

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