30 thoughts on “👉 INSANE Blackjack WIN!  Gambling in a Las Vegas Casino!!

  1. Nice comeback and always nice to see people looking out for dealers. I'll always tip especially during those sessions like you had when you're in the hole right away but somehow claw back to profitville.

  2. After that push on a 21 I think I would be considering leaving that table lol. Keep up the good hard work Tonya. Videos looking good. I never seen double deck bj dealt out a shoe. I’ve only seen it as the dealer holding the deck and pitching your cards to you. Will have to try Boulder Station next time I go to Vegas. Don’t see double deck anymore in AC where I usually play.

  3. Do they class a 3 card soft 17 as a stand hand? Had a few hands last week while in vegas where the dealer had 3 card soft 17s that I thought they must hit on, or is it purely A6?

  4. where is the EPIC run? IM not great at math, but u bought in for 2k and cashed out 3k? how is that winning 3k? winning a 1000 is great of course but just asking sir

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