10 thoughts on “Saratoga Live – Closing Day 2022

  1. Y'all looked natty for the closer. Love the colors of that shirt, JK. Looking forward to following your 'traveling show' at Aqueduct (have a lovely vacation). I'm a little weepy for the meet's end. My first ever Saratoga season, and what a beautiful, healthful place…I might have to brave the weather, and move there (only place in the world with artesian mineral spring drinking fountains dedicated to Big Red). 🥰 He's the Gift that keeps on giving, imo. Just wondering…if Flightline's vet knew he had 'x-tra large' heart, like Secretariat's, do you think we'd ever know that?

    I learned so much about Thoroughbred athletes (+equines, in general), and their varied human pilots…from your 'deep' crew. Enjoyed many belly-laughs, and though I'm not a bettor (not your boss ;-)… I'm hooked on racing now, so I could be your boss, someday…😁 when I 'Strike it Rich.' 😂

    Have to add that it was unexpected, and appreciated, to hear some Dodger vignettes from Paulie, since I grew up listening to and/or watching Vin Scully, and had a big teen crush on Steve Yeager. NYRA(?) photogs have a way with dynamic scenes of children (especially loved the captcha of Maggie's girls running to Acacia for hugs…precious and personal), just like the Dodgers' film crew. R.I.P. Vin.

  2. I love this program. 10 days seems forever. Everyone involved is the best ever. So informative but the jokes crack me up. Thanks NYRA for allowing these guys report racing but have fun at the same time. See you back on September 15! 👍

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