30 thoughts on “Pat McAfee Breaks Down Sports Betting

  1. A buddy just showed me a document saying the nfl is allowed to rig games and pay certain refs higher salaries for making a big call to help one or another team. Lost respect for the NFL. Betting shouldn’t be allowed on legalized entertainment.

  2. Never forget AJ Hinch the ex – Astros Manager who took out Zach Greinke in Game 7 of 2019 World Series against Washington Nationals in Houston .. Astros up 2 – 0 in 7th inning! Big red flag
    Than he didn't put Derrick Cole the future Hall of famer who now plays for the Yankees to close the Deal ! The rest was History Nats won ! Than days later the Cheating Astros Fake cheating scandal came in just like the Fake Patriots cheating Scandals came in around the time they lost twice to the New York Giants to sidetrack the Gamblers World Wide ! To make them think they didn't lose in purpose but they did ! For that is to purpose of cheating is to win at all cost !! Problem is they lost ! Pay attention folk's ! 💰💰🇺🇸

  3. The Patriots & Astros never cheated
    it was a smokescreen from Las Vegas
    To sidetrack the Mafias , Cartels & all type of Millionaire Gamblers who lost on them in championship games ! Like against Nationals & New York Giants ⚾🏈.. To make them think they didn't took a dive like a boxer but they did .. For what is the purpose of Cheating ? That is to win ! Problem is they lost to big time Underdogs .. 💰 💰🌎🇺🇸

  4. Bro it happens all the time. Team down 14 with 20 seconds left and they punch it in. That doesn’t happen in the nfl. You kneel and concede

  5. Pat pushes you to gamble, just like a drug dealer. Good on ya, pat, for all this success! Who cares about people too poor to afford it. Enjoy your ill-got gains, you bitches!

  6. Vegas and gambling and pro sports is all connected..that's why they always wins..strength comes from knowing…intertainment not sport anymore…people see what they wanta see..the nfl dosnt even hide it like they used to and people still by into it(wwe)..if the nfl told everyone that they control the games outcomes people would still go…they don't know any better and there treated that way

  7. On Fanduel, don't bet on overseas non-televised games-in-progress. Their app will consistently screw you. Right after your bet places, the odds often move more favorably often by 3 whole points..with the clock stopped and score the same.

    They invent ways to screw you over, have people employed to come up with new ways to get over on the bettor. There's much more but too much to say via text. But I'm certain some of you reading have your own bad experiences with some of these sites.

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