35 thoughts on “JACKPOT! Biggest Horse Betting Hit on Youtube! Captured LIVE as it Happens! Turning $4.80 into $16k

  1. Hello I’m betting high five in breeders cup classic can you help me. I’m going to wheel horse I want to win and I’m going to box the other 4 horses. 1st life is good, 2 flight line,3 tabia, 4th Olympiad and 5 is hot rod Charlie 6 th cyber knife. How much can I win if I hit that straight one way and box 2-4 horses and wheel winning one

  2. I watched this episode about your big win and I really enjoyed the buildup to the score! I had a longshot superfecta in the hunt at Arlington Park , it was a huge field, 12 entries, And I'm Looking Good coming down the stretch! An 8:1 first, a 26:1 second, a 11:1 third and a 40:1 shot fourth, It's looking good as the first 3 cross the finish line in order the 4th horse started to fade and was nipped at the wire by a nose! Dang I was crushed The $1 exacta paid $980, the $2 tri paid 4,200 and the $2 superfecta paid $68,500! I headed home and stuffed my face, drank a 12 pack of beer and watched monster movies all night! Almost famous!

  3. Having a laugh watching Hamilton Racing (average harness for Australia standards) on a yotuube vid of some Racing Handicapper form the US haha this is awesome. Great job tho on the main bet 😀

  4. I grew up caring for and training homebred Standardbreds. It's no coincidence that the first & last bet I placed on any kind of racing was in 1972. I won a $2 quinella and quit while I was ahead; I know how inconsistent these critters can be. No knock, it's just the way they are, which is why ones like, say, Bret Hanover stand out so much.

  5. This is really cool. It's not fake. I have been through it, and also witnessed other people as well. That whole behavior from beginning to end is almost Identical, from horse selection to the payout waiting. The only thing different was that the Missus was a bit more excited when I won.

  6. Late to the Party, but Congrats on $17,000 🏆.
    Based on your discussion abour the 4 and its barn, my Grandfather always told me the secret to the track is knowing what a true Favorite is,
    and it is not. Sounds similar to
    your angle.

  7. Awesome man!!! I hit a 40 cent super at Belmont. A 8/1 , 4-1, 21-1, 13 to one. I also did a 9 dollar tri. I got 8,470.. I was crying. I was having 2 horrible weeks. Wasted like 2k in nothing and got rewarded .. I actually hit a 10 tri at Santa Anita 2 weeks ago .. A 4-1 8-1 and a 37-1 and my number 4 horse got disqualified for a tacky ass interference on the 8. Still mad ass hell about.

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