44 thoughts on “Casion roulette 100% winning strategy playing 37 number 500X casino tips #casino #earning #tips

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  2. Playing live roulette has become very dangerous because they control the numbers. Any number they want the ball to fall into is simply they do it. for the automatic roulette, it's too bad, you're in a fight with the artificial intelligence in the end, preparing you for the knockout.

  3. This is a fantastic way to lose a lot of money fast. Professional roulette players understand (1) Money Management (2) Bet Selection (3) Dealer Signature. Ever one of the methods shown here on Youtube have been created by inexperienced people. Every live casino uses clever croupiers called "SHARP SHOOTERS" who can land the ball on any number they choose at least 7 times out of every 10. Casinos are very corrupt and use psychology, facial recognition and chipped balls to make sure 99% of players are losers over time.

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