28 thoughts on “The Whitney Stakes 2022 (FULL RACE) | NBC Sports

  1. I don't know how many times Irad has to be put on suspension before they really take action. He just got off another 3 day suspension and he yet again cuts over making SS jockey have to pull him over and break stride. He would have won where he was in the middle track. He's a dangerous rider.

  2. Happy Saver was so exhausted I thought he was going to collapse in the stretch. His jockey did everything to get him to switch to his right lead in the stretch and he wouldn’t do it. Finally, his jockey yanked his head over to the right but it didn’t matter….the horse had nothing left. He was a tired horse who i thought was going to run over the railing. The winner was clearly the best.

  3. Irad de verdad que eres un excelente jockey,nadie duda de tus habilidades naturales de conducir a un purasangre y aún más uno como life,.La afición te ama,la prensa aún más y ni hablar del latino.Por esas humilde opinión de este servidor,creo no,ser necesario haber hecho un pase casi suicidio por el recuerdo de temor haber Sido pasado.

  4. So tired of this horse and his connections Ducking flightline. If your so good take him to Del Mar in the TVG pacific classic so you can see how a real race horse runs.

  5. The male Rachel Alexandra. Anything under 1 3/16 or 1 1/8 is fine over they will the stalkers catch them. Both are good horses but 1 1/4 too long for them. They are not Seattle Slew.

  6. Life Is Good was clearly the best. There was no need for the ugly manueving Irad gave in the stretch. It could have pulled the LIG off balance and came close to causing an accident. I think the jockey should be penalized and severely fined. That unnecessary aggressive ride made me angry.

  7. Irad Ortiz is not a good jockey. He has been suspended several times cuts riders off. He should not be riding a horse of Life Is Good ‘s caliber. If he hurts a horse he should be made to pay for it.

  8. a close moment however if you look closely he had alot of room on the inside rail to continue path unfortunately the best going and speed on track was to the slight outside of track did you notice life is good in the lead not taking rail but keeping outside third route ..he cleared him veered in alittle however he was clear of horse who could have made run on inside but inside was very slow going and he jockey purposefully veered outside riute hoping to get disqualification if he finished 2nd ..he finished 2nd no disqualification ..risky move by winner but no real foul because 2nd place horse was beat

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