41 thoughts on “The Sports Betting Fake Guru That Makes $100K A DAY

  1. $20 is my limit lol 😂 iv seen the best of big punters punt their arse off ! Iv been to the track with owners of horse 🐎 that will win $25 k but come last race they wouldn’t be able to get a taxi home lol 😂

  2. Great video for awareness. The only thing I don’t agree with is your challenge to him. A average sports fan/Sports better can beat a coin flip unless your strictly talking spread bets. Money line bets are a bit different because a coin can’t determine the favorite or the better team or injury effectiveness ect.. so in theory a person with above average sports knowledge could beat a coin about 65-70% of the time. Now if we are talking spreads?? Then a coin would actually beat the average Sports better at least 50% of the time. Make sure if he agrees to the challenge then it has to be with spreads. I would love to see that play out 😂

  3. I actually thought all these doosh bags were just fake… not like fake ( lame) but actually made up fantasies… i spose they could be simply making money via youtube views and selling crap etc…

  4. I've gambled for years on almost all sports, and one thing I know is you can make the "right" picks with all your logic and sports knowledge and lose, consistently…I probably would do as well flipping a coin as any other method.

  5. I Wonder At What Point Does FanDuel Cut You Off. I’m Planning A Strategy To Double My Money ALMOST Every Day. I Keep Thinking If I’m Up 100k Or Something They Gon Cancel My Online Account

  6. "Ive been professional sports betting for 4 years" (and I'm filthy rich from it…) MMAAAAHAHA!!! "Being good at betting sports is you just gotta be born with it! ..Either you got it or you don't" HAAAAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Hilarious! Steve Stevens is another shyster!

  7. I know mazi, and he drops at least $300,000 a day on sports sometimes depending on which game it is he drops 1-2 million and he makes profit😂y’all gotta stop just listening to what 1 person is saying good exposure though😎🤝

  8. You fools kill me talking bout “why don’t he post tickets before game” 😂 yea so y’all can roach up on a FREE BET ‼️ fuck outta here. Mazi GOAT on god

  9. If your bet paid off i’de buy this hacks picks 365 days a year.

    Video came up in my recommendeds again. Not the best bet you made. Your goal is to show that this dude follows the null model with his bets. E.g. he has no edge and it’s random. However, if your bet paid off, e.g. he had a result that was below the null model (your coin flips) in a statistically significant way (p value below 0.05) then his picks would be worth millions (assuming casinos let you bet). All you would need to do is pay for his picks and reverse them if he had a statistically significant difference from the null model like 10000 times with enough $ per bet to cover the $200 fee + edge without going bankrupt (use Kelley’s Criterion or something for bet sizing including -200 fee + statistical edge) and you would be a multi millionaire.

    The real key would be to FAIL TO REJECT THE NULL MODEL e.g. it doesn’t matter if he underperforms or outperforms you as long as you can’t disprove the null model with the result. So if he places 1500 bets and 800 of them win. And you flip a coin, how likely is it that you get a result as extreme or better than his with your coin flips? If it’s a statistically significant difference with a large sample size, I’ll buy his picks 365 days a year.

  10. I fell vic to Maxi once. He sold me on just how sure he was of his pick; even saying, and I quote “I even know what gum the pitcher is chewing. You can’t lose” obviously I didn’t think he actually knew which gum he chewed but his conviction sold me. I lost. A considerable amount. Dude is also a dickhead. Spoke to me with mad disrespect. Fuck Maxi Pad

  11. 14:10 lmfao i LOVE how this "paparazzi" was ready the instant mazi pulled up in his brand new vehicle that he just bought that day. HOW tf are you going to identify someone through those super dark windows? and HOW are you even able to know that vehicle is mazis if he JUST bought it THAT DAY lmfao. you couldnt scream a more scripted set up.

  12. I have three friends, out of everyone I ever knew who have what I consider elite net worth.
    One was a Major League Baseball player…not famous, but had a long career and had a few medium contracts.
    One is a studio musician who tours 9-10 months a year.
    One was just the smartest kid we all knew, went to MIT, founded a company and made an obscene amount of money before turning 30.

    All of them worked incredibly hard.
    None of them want anyone to know they are wealthy.

  13. U should check in on The car dealer… born & Raised Rich…
    Then shows his picks on “ Pointsbet”
    On all his parlays. I mean 100,000K parlay. ETC ETC.

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