40 thoughts on “MASSIVE JACKPOT Saved The Day After Getting My Butt Kicked!

  1. Girl I love your freaking ways of playing you mother father LOL that was so funny I swear I'm going to use that you make me laugh every time I'm battling a lot of diseases and watching you playing the way you guys get along it's just outstanding you guys do good I'm pretty sure you sometimes you guys do bad but thank you for sharing this moments with me and with everybody else love you guys hope you guys always keep enjoying each other like that the way he puts the camera on you he loves you so much do that to him put the camera on him too we want to see him too take care

  2. OK so I just have to let you know that I always hear you comment on dragon link about getting both bonuses at the same time. I didn’t think it was possible, I don’t think you thought it was possible. But I’m here to let you know it is possible. On spring festival I actually got six orbs and three golden pots to land at the same time. It started with the orb bonus first, when I finished it went straight to the free games. I was shocked! Just wanted to let you know, I hope this happens to you guys!

  3. I don’t like when your husband controlled the whole video. I like you but he’s always rushing you when you clearly tell him you want to show the Progressive and basically hit the button so fast. Take control Lady Luck it’s your channel

  4. Have you tried the holly grail slot machine? I never won in anything big on the slot machine, but the slot machine is a lot of fun with unique features. When you go to a casino, gamble to have fun. Never go in and expect to win big and get depressed afterwards :3

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