15 thoughts on “Horse Racing Tips and Advice for Beginners

  1. ive only just started looking at horses now im not betting it yet i dont like losing money even $5
    i just wana spend alittle more time on it before giving it a go
    round december or march i'l start with horses & i'l raise my money for betting round that time having brought most of my stuff
    only had a job this year struggled 3yrs only gettin back on feet & spendin on health mainly & important things atm

    but i like prices $5-$20 winners for horses
    coz i like alot of underdogs for sports my philosphy wil be similar in horses when i pick horses looking for $8-$20 winners
    & places $2-$5 i think my chances r better looking at places if i put 2-3 horse 2gther im sure i'l be great in future doing parlays at horses

    just lookin at winners today on some tracks alot of $8-$20 winners today
    $8 & $20 parlay is bout $147 total for just 2 horse winners $100 = $14,700 return is great

    madien races i'l definitly aviod
    & just being track selective i just need to learn to read the horses i dont have natural instincts at how a horse functions yet so did 2-3hr session lookin at horses from how important pace is & what conditions they perform well in to jockeys but mainly lookin at horse first of all once i understand it i should play with horses alooot more then sports

    odds $1.80-$5 on odd occassion $5 winners at sports compared to horses so many if u look at tracks

    but am excited for nxt level college & poker & horses r new this year & raising my money maybe december or march most definitly
    but i can c myself gettin aloot of $8-$20 horses if not aloooot of places $2-$5 i think gives me best chance parlays would be ok still of 2-3 horses

  2. horse & dog races i felt were the hardest
    i think if i can simplify the thinking of horses itself it would cut out alot of data work if i knew instinct behind it like sports i once played it so kinda helps with thought process of a player being in team enviroment i gotta understand physcolgy part in horses & trainners & such coz lookin at alot can effect me faster sometimes which is y i stuck to sports but horses & dog races would b great to know bout in future having a natural feel for it once i understand thought process of horse & trainer & other factors i should b ok in future at it

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