48 thoughts on “HOW TO PLAY ROULETTE – All You Need to Know About Casino Roulette

  1. I'm here because I keep seeing this guy play with $500 and leave with at least 10k every time….this is a very clear explanation of the game, thank you for doing God's work 🙌🏾

  2. There is no strategy, but there are things that you should not do because they are more profitable for the casino:

    – don't make a top bet (7.89% edge instead of 5.26% for the casino)
    – don't bet both on red and black with the same amount, because you have 0% chance of winning in this case

    Am I right? There are other bet patterns that should be avoided.

  3. Your more likely to get odd on red and more likely to get even on black.
    Also, depending on the dealer, once the ball is in you could count how many times the ball goes round the roulette which could probably help you where/when to bet.

  4. They guys taught me how to love roulette. It's not only trying to make money its an experience. The clicking of chips, the dealer sweeping losing bets, and the people around you. Unlike blackjack where you could be dealing with a bunch of A******s everyone is just chilling at roulette.

  5. If you cry between each loss that means you're a mathematical Genius knowing you're losing in a pattern in-between the wins and losses ………………….. meaning you'll know when a loss is due … only crazy team people understand

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