38 thoughts on “How To BEAT the Casino | Roobet Betting Strategies | The Truth About Profiting From Casinos

  1. You still need some education concerning casino games.I have been playing and making a great living on the game of Baccarat for the last 25 years,the key to even money games is the bet selection,I and I do this flat betting, it took me years to come up with my bet selection method,but now it is rock solid,like I said the key is bet selection,you can use any prog you like but it won't work if your bet selection is weak.

  2. A lot of talk but did not understand anything,do you have a bet selection where you determine you bet examlpl Red or Black or Player Banker,the most important part of the is bet selection there is no way around this.

  3. This strategy works with RED,RED,BLACK,RED,BLACK,BLACK. Speaking from experience, yes this is harder to do if you play with high stakes because of limits but if you bet 1$ instead of 10 your good. If you hit your number 2 times in a minute that’s 120$ an hour. Try it out then make a video out of it and we will see who is correct.

  4. But that same color is not (due) mathematically you still have a 47% chance of hitting the red on every bet but if were factoring in percentage of rolls on (due) meathod things get tricky

  5. Great content! This video is packed with so much valuable and much needed information! Gotta watch it many times to catch up with the mathmatic part of it :)))) . You are very smart mate !

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