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  1. Hi Caan, great stuff and filling chunk of knowledge as all of your videos. I have tried to find those price margins working in favour of the punter regarding horse racing meetings and I am useless at this point:) Digits on the cards, so then maths too, work against my potential profit disregarding the event outcome. I mean here the LAY WIN but mainly the LAY PLACE prices and they are nowhere near the ones you have found and presented in the video. I can't target them. Even after finding the value bets there is far too big gap between the traditional bookies prices and exchange prices on LAY sides, so my WIN+PLACE BET vs Liability on LAYS is overall under the line. So I looked closer into the screen in the video and only reason for my failure I am working out is the time of hunting for those bets. Wondering, if I am right(?) Are those "good" differences in prices only visible just before the start of the event? Will be grateful for your answer. All the best !!!

  2. Great video. Maybe I’m missing something as a newbie, but why are the bookies concerned about this type of betting (so long as the rating is under 100% and there’s no arb betting)? Whether you are laying your bet off or not doesn’t seem to effect the bookies profit/loss?? Advice on this appreciated

  3. Good video thanks. I gave this a try and it worked. One thing I'd like to know is the maths behind the two lay amounts of £100.45 and £113.64. If I can get those I can put them in an excel formula so I can quicky analyse any race. Would there be any chance of the maths? Thanks!

  4. Having watched this video twice it's reminded my that I'm thick as shit as I don't understand any of it, however I use another strategy which is basically martingale applied to sports betting. Works great and even dumb fucks like me can do it.

  5. Hi Caan,
    Thank you for this very informative video. Is there a quick method for finding the best definable value in these markets on different sports books or software available to help find them ?

  6. Interesting video. I used to do something similar but with fixed odds Football to help avoid scary fluctuations whilst striking the bets. The bookies used to put out their fixed odds coupons early in the week and keep to the prices on them. Again looking at betting and laying off various games where there was value in such a way as to make a small profit regardless of the result. I managed to do it for 3 months but it was getting so difficult to get a bet on that I packed in eventually. You have to bet big to make decent cash though is the only thing.

  7. One of the oldest tricks in the book, like laying the draw hehe. However, still a very good system and I'm sure you have educated a few people with this video. 👍

  8. If you keep hitting the same shops to Arb you will get clocked in no time. To make high street betting viable for Arbing you will have to travel, sometime a good distance, to make it work.

  9. I find that the bookies know what an Each Way Stealer is and;

    1. Close your account
    2. Reduce the win odds
    3. On course, the SP firm only takes into account EW books.
    4. Arbitrage means the BF lay price rises to meet demand.

    But nice work if you can get it.

    Which do you prefer;
    A. A bet to nothing or
    B. Green up?

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