38 thoughts on “Professional Gambler Christopher Mitchell Explains How To Make $182,500 Gambling At The Casino.

  1. I implemented this strategy starting at just 0.10 per bet, ended up with $19.80 profit, in 1.5 hours of play time, if I was betting the 10 dollar minimum, I would have profited $1980! For less then 2 hours of play! Nuts!!!

  2. Wow, this is the second of your videos that I have watched and I'm very thrilled because I've payed close attention to what you are saying and have seen the proof of your System and I Believe it can work for Me!!! Please keep the LIVE Games coming they're EXCELLENT learning tools and I Thank You in advance!!

  3. Sorry .why you not play inside the number.Im so sorry that I ask you like this.could you explain me .I wait your answer .please tell me .I want to know.i always see you play but not play inside the number .why.beside you they play inside the number.

  4. Lse all 6 bets your officially in the hole $915, they call that DEEP-SHIT-GALE…lol I get the concept and all but any real gambler knows going on a losing streak for 6 or more happens more then you think

  5. This is pretty much slow and steady? Keep marching foreword and don’t get too wild on the bets. Thanks for the advice. I am going to open a new bank account. Save up money for this and give it a go. Rather lose money trying this than spending it on stupid stuff with zero return.

  6. I don’t get where the haters come from. You prove yourself every time. When I see haters with how transparent you’ve always been from day 1, it just makes them look like fools. Clowns 100% 🀑

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge Chris!

  7. The only issue I see with the mitchellgale is you have less martingale opportunities if you catch a losing streak per your total bankroll.

  8. Bro..keep making these videos…please…thanks for this strategy will be doing 100 a session for 5 sessions every day…taking breaks in between..tired of being in Egypt from 9 to 5 slaving like a Hebrew slave..

  9. The hater are just mad bc they don’t have the discipline to do it, i go in the sino & hit them every time i walk it… well most of the time

  10. The GOAT really makes great videos! πŸ† You really do put alot of thought into your videos!!!! Thank you VERY MUCH!!!! πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ₯‡

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