35 thoughts on “I Bet on Horse Racing Tips for 30 Days – Betting Challenge

  1. Hey Caan woud you profit lay betting the tips? Just a thought when I looked at your results. You may loose more than your stake lay betting so maybe use some kind of recovery stake plan ??

  2. As an experiment I started following his tips. Just betting to level stakes and not backing each way, he has been profitable. +55 pts over 10 weeks at BSP including 3 losing weeks

  3. It's unfair to say that his BSP results should be close to zero. The efficiency of BSP is misunderstood. Horse A has BSP of 3.0, true odds 2.0. Horse B has a BSP of 3.0, true odds 4.0. Together, they are efficient, individually the tipsters advising horse A are much better than those advising horse B.

  4. I wish for a video for "slow minded" people. Like step by step video, what progam do you use? Maybe show a live bet you make and win? These numbers and statistics are to fast and makes my head go boom :3

  5. The truth is if you have time on your hands and know what you're looking at then you should be able to make money, BUT, if you listen to these tipsters you'll inevitably lose. Like most things in life, the more you put into something the more you'll get out of it. Simple as that.

  6. It seems from my experience gambling companies apply verification checks as and how they please like some kind of autocratic medieval tyrant. I'm speaking purely from casino games and not sports betting but no doubt it's the same. I've deposited over £22000 on betfair casino in the past 6 months and not once has anyone asked me for ID or proof of source of funds. All I get is a couple of messages on the casino tab of the betfair homepage asking if i wish to take a break from playing. At Coral casino I had to provide proof of incone when I deposited £100. At Betway casino I was able to deposit £1000 and no-one asked any questions until I tried to withdraw £200. At 32 Red casino I wasn't able to withdraw £50. When I went to one land based casino and spent £500 I was told straight away I couldn't gamble anymore until I provided proof of my income, yet at another land based casino I lost £6000 in about an hour and nobody asked any questions.

  7. I’m
    Having a problem with a certain online bookies every time I cash out a decent sum they are askin for documents and with holding my withdrawals, but are quick enough still to take deposits on the account absolute scum all of them anythin to stop you from winning

  8. So many variables when trying to pick a winner , the trainer , the jockey and their strike percentage at certain tracks, horses pedigree over certain distances , the ground, have they been recently gelded, throat operations for better breathing , longest travellers and that’s just scratching the surface, my preferred jockeys are Holly Doyle, Wm Buick , Tom Marquand on the flat and any Irish raider going to Scottish or English tracks for the jumps especially the Cheltenham festival , never bet more than you can afford to lose and see it as a form of entertainment, only the bookies get rich from gambling .

  9. I'd been depositing and withdrawing money to and from the William Hills sport's betting site for year's.
    I Finally found a system that works for me, betting on 0.5 goals and didn't lose a bet for around 4 weekends of football. Woke up one day and my account had been suspended. They said I needed to provide more documentation (Bollocks) They have ALL of my documentation.

  10. Hi caan I see you made a video about William Hill. I have a few stories if I would love to get out there and expose some companies. For example I'm barred from boylesports, the owner paid me off during the start of covid, I got a measly few grand after hitting a jackpot and my account was closed straight away. Him and his solicitor got on the phone after I emailed them every screenshot I had taken. I should have got 2mill but got 2grand.i had to sign a document to say I will never play with them again ever.
    Ladbrokes have me barred, virtual grand national was my thing, its so easy to track a winner. Usually starts very early morning or late a night. I can take a glance a know who is going to win. Boyles and Ladbrokes have the same system an hour apart. There are triggers that let you know when no 39 we say will win. And all horses have a match for example no 39 is matched with 29. If no 20 wins then its the start of a few big wins same with no 5. I have the method in my head it's too hard to explain but it works. I bet big there and I got banned. This system I know off by heart I'd love to share it since I'm barred. They show previous races and future races for the next hour. If the same horse is running in the hour like. 03.02am and 03.57am then that horse is the winner or the horse just before the 03.57am race. I could talk about this for days.
    Lastly crazy time 3 times this has happened to me only last week, this is why I'm like a dog still, I would never cash out during lockdown pretty stupid and greedy of me but I can see now that it wouldn't matter, all you get is 1 big win or what they want you too. 3 times I have played for over 2days straight without missing 1 round, and a round goes off every 10 to 30 seconds so you need to be alert at all times because it's not random there is some maths, a lot easier than the virtual to predict.. Anyway after 1000 round let's say last week I finally get to the round I've been waiting for, I put on 100euro on the segment and it rejected it, logged me out of the game. The 1 round where it was 1500x your bet. This game is by evo so I went straight to Monopoly and no problem. The chances of tjis happening over 1000s of rounds not missing 1 are bigger than the lotto and this was the 3rd time. I have screenshots of everything. And documentation. I am like a dog about it all. Then they bar me when I take out 9grand, they are used to me putting everything back in. The 1 time I withdraw I get account closed. The round I watched in tears almost after them rejected my bets,was 1500x by 100euro I would have had 150k. They knew it was coming I had been putting 250 on some rounds. This is with bet Victor.
    William Hill barred me over a promo, I was the leader of the promo for 5grand but they were worried about my safety and wellbeing the scumbags they weren't worried when I stay up for hours giving them thousands, there is nothing said but when it's payout time, I'm the 1 who needs a chat with safer gambling bullshit.
    It's just myself and my 10yr old daughter by the way, I had to give up work when her mother past 7yrs ago, I would only start with 10er build it up over the day to 1000 and play that night with bigger bets. Hopefully you read this, I would appreciate it. thanks

  11. I've been betting horses 50 yrs….any idiot can give a 3.40 horse. Quick harness story on tips…famous driver his initials H.F. was on a guy I knows horse…guy goes to bet his horse to win and the teller say you going with your horse , guy say yea, teller tells him H.F. aint….so much for tips. Imagine the driver doing his own move, came back 4th told the owner next week…..lol

  12. Hi Caan. The thing is with these results, or even a sample over a full year or two, is that there is scarcely any statistical significance in them whatsoever. Run a p test on them, and it would probably show something like 1 in 3 punters could get those results with luck alone, especially if they are long odds. My own research on selections with average odds of 7.0 showed an 8% edge after commission, over about 1500 bets ("oh yeah! I'm going to be rich!"). Fast forward a few months to when I had 5000 bets and I was in the red ("nooooooooo!!!! back to work!"). At high odds like most horse racing bets are, upwards of 5000 or even 10000+ results are needed to ensure statistical significance.

  13. Bookies are factually rigging all casino play like blackjack poker etc etc …..I have so much proof but where do I go about it ? I’m from Ireland and I really want to take these on here…..it’s so bad it ain’t even funny…..when you ask for any information you are either shut down or just long finger that never end….I’ve video footage of hours and hours of BoyleSports and paddy power straight up Cheating/ robbing the customers

  14. Just bet on the queen’s horses all I gotta say 68% +/- you can get a return i.e making the frame 1st 2nd or 3rd started doing it this year , for this season her stables are at around 73%

  15. Few things to bear in mind caan when you make these video's . Andy holden and many other racing professionals that appear daily on William hill racing radio are unbelievably absorbed in the sport of horse racing on a 24hr basis all year round . There knowledge of all known formlines on any horse race be it flat turf . Jumps or all weather or indeed sometimes globally is astounding given the amount of effort and race reading / race watching that goes into having this knowledge. You should maybe one day set aside a few hours to actually listen to a days racing continuously on W.H radio and you will be able to tell how genuinely consumed their regular guests are extremely genuine and extremely hardworking at trying to attain for themselves a LONG TERM profit with which to make a living .
    It is nigh on impossible to predict the winner of most horse races unless you have done your research to some degree and that research in uk racing is never ending due to the high input of racing in general.
    These guys such as Andy holding i am sure that they would make a very good living just working on there own methods through experience, enthusiasm and sheer love for the sport in both codes .
    If these people make an extra income just by being employed by 3rd parties such as William hill radio then they are at least attempting to lock in some kind of earnings aside from there self employment.
    You are a trader yeah. Believe me , i have no affiliation to andy holding or any other William hill radio pundit but i am certain that the said enthusiasm, expertise and pure love for the game would make your trading profit seem like childs play 😂😂
    Maybe you should invit Andy to trade alongside you for a saturday afternoon of racing . Now that i would love 2 see .

  16. How thick are you? The reason he beats SP so consistently is because he's one the countries best followed tipsters and his selection get cut immediately. You seriously don't get this? FFS

    Famous tipster in beating SP shocker lol

    Fuck me

  17. Anybody that thinks they can predict what horse is gonna win is full of shit….its all fixed and when gypsies are over feeding them and giving them dead legs before race….another words your trying to get people to join his subscription for a fee.

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