42 thoughts on “How to Always Win Sports Betting | 5 Step Guide You Must See.

  1. Hello, in my country we can't bet online we have small place where horse racing gambler's gather in one place to bet on most horse wins n I'm looking for someone to make a deal
    Every Saturday horse racing in MR, SR
    Send me your win selection from the race. Price: is $10k to the 10 wins and $5k for no taker's
    And if we win we split 50/50 $10k or $5k
    I'll pay for our ticket, n u provide the winning horse.
    Need 13 horse to win in MR, SR any race to confirm our wins.

  2. And yeah it's definately true about how the paper tipsters want to make you think that some low priced fav is the one to back lol and the times I've seen many skinny odds lose is amazing tbh, I suppose it's about backing or laying the right ones though too

  3. Just liked and Subscribed, The bookies have had tens of thousands out of me over the yrs, its my turn now, going to start next month when i have bigger money to spend so hopefully i will get away with more money quickly haha.. I need to know which site is the best right now in the UK for scanning and giving the best odds from all sites if anyone knows id appreciate it.. Cheers !!

  4. It's a good strategy, have used it myself. People should just be aware that this will get your accounts banned extremely quickly. Betting on donkeys round Dundalk midweek will do that.

    Probably best building up a sizeable bankroll first so you can really take the value rather than betting a fiver.

  5. Very interesting video which opens up a lot of possibilities.
    I'm going to do a trial of this exact method over a few hundred bets and want to track results. How would you calculate your EV for each bet? Would it be:
    a) The equivilent matched betting profit/loss using a matched betting calculator formula using the taken sportsbook price against the Betfair starting price? i.e. (sportsbook odds/Betfair SP * stake) – stake
    b) The value of the percentage odds difference between the sportsbook price and the Betfair starting price after converting decimal/fractional odds to percentage odds? i.e 100/Betfair SP – 100/Sportsbook price * stake
    c) Or something else?

  6. so lemme ask you something, this is how you make your living . SO if you're going to get banned at some point on various sportsbooks, how do you make a living out of this ?

  7. Wah gwaan i know u said u should only bet on odds like 2.5 up bigger odds than offered .but question for instance the first half goal is 90 % and u get it at odds 1.30 isn't that value cause being that it should be 1.10 since its 90 % probability

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