24 thoughts on “Haskell Stakes 2022 (FULL RACE) | NBC Sports

  1. The connections ruined Taiba by asking too much of him too early on. Jack Christopher needs to stick to a mile or less and if they plan on running him in what passes for the breeders cup these days….they better give him a break.

  2. I really liked cyberknife in the derby, tiaba as well.

    I knew tiaba wasn't going to win the derby, not enough experience with a field that large. He's a classy horse though, reminds me of tapit, not the best race record but a great sire.

  3. As always Horse racing once again is about who's turn it is. Really, Taiba relinquishing the rail so Cyberknife can come through? Yeah right! I bet Cyberknife in the KD and never challenged.

  4. It just seems like they have ruined White Abarrio. At one point, he appeared to be a Kentucky Derby contender, but their refusal to run him anywhere but 5 lengths wide every turn every race has destroyed the horse's competitiveness. In this race, it looked like he was being eased on the stretch turn with too much ground to make up.

  5. Looked like to me that Taiba was the best horse but Geroux gave cibernife a way better ride then Mike Sith gave Taiba.. He won't be riding him back I would guess! Juan Hernandez or of course Johnny V will ride next…

  6. Taiba looks like he is not happy down inside and behind horses. He was completely off the bit until Mike got him outside. Horse has immense talent to rally wide after that and just miss. Hope they meet again.

  7. Jack Christopher's pop Munnings was a 6-7 furlong type, and it's not like the dam's side had a lot to balance that out, so this was an experiment. J Christopher is not an outlier for Munnings, he's the norm. A really fast norm.

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