40 thoughts on “NHL Picks & Predictions Today 11/15/22 | Andy's Best NHL Bets (BONUS: MY FAVORITE NHL PROP BETS!)

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  2. It is hard to keep trusting the guy who is on a heater as streaks must end at one point. But I sure will not bet against this man's picks. They have been too good and his insights on nhl seem great. Your work is much appreciated. From Korea

  3. Ight you got me man, i reactivated my insta after years just to follow you man! Seems like fair trade for you making us some money. Let’s get you to 10k G

  4. Here’s your comment to help but sorry sorry I think you have to chill on the wings, they’re still out bertuzzi and they’re additions this year are unmatched. Clearly shown the improvement so far, wouldn’t be surprised if they keep beating good teams and end over 500

  5. I literally wait everyday, refreshing the odds shopper channel for this 5-10 minutes of pure bliss. Obviously, love the picks but the rest of the video is like the caning you always wanted for seeking instant gratification xD.

  6. In previous videos Andy said the TB Lighting is going to have many "under" games and the same goes for Dallas Stars… Why he chose Detroit under 6.5 instead of TB-Dallas under to present in this video really buffles me….

  7. PITS been playing good no doubt but I like sticking with your revenge theme here and taking TOR to get their revenge after PITS coming in their building and beat LEAFS by 2 on the road, I like the Leafs to do the same here. Thanks for the picks and your great entertaining insight and outlook on the games, and always great content, much appreciated, all the best and God bless, let’s get this money! Us against the bookies!

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