46 thoughts on “NEW RECORD!!! 1. Place, Graded 3 Race 1400 m |1:25:7 | Zwegat (GER) | Kincsem park, Budapest | GoPro

  1. racing is one of the dirtiest sports in the history of horse sports, in the video we go as horses don't want to run because if they lose they will be killed

  2. Look at the reality of horse racing and what they do to them behind the scenes and how and where they end. Horses are not a toy for us to play with. They do not benefit in any way from this industry, like any other industry created to dominate and make animals suffer. They would rather live freely instead of receiving endless commands and staying alone in a miserable stall.

  3. These people OBVIOUSLY dont know how the horse racing works, they have been trained like this for almost months or years and its fine completely, they whip them is hard indeed but it doesnt cause injures or hurting, please just stop complaining if you dont know the rules and ways of using horse in races.

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