14 thoughts on “HOW THIS SPORTS BETTING STRATEGY WON ME $40,000! (In Only 7 Months…)

  1. Man the internet is a crazy place! When you weren't doing 'numbers' hardly anybody cared. Now that you are up and profiting, everyone comes out to tell you that this isn't possible lol holy

  2. June 21st. Over/under on the dodger/reds game was 9. However, you had 10.5 on your spreadsheet. I’ve found other discrepancies as well. Did you buy the extra 1 1/2 runs? Final was 8-2 so should have been a loss with the 0/U at 9.

  3. They say if the sportsbook sees your bankroll increasing you get banned,If you go on a winning streak you get limited.Its very hard to make money with online betting.

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