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  1. I put a bet on a odds on favourite lots of time, some of the times when I have backed them, they have got beat . I would love to see some odds on favourites win. Three horse races are very hard to predict whose going to win. I always back the favourite. A lot of the time the favourite doesn’t get home unfortunately.

  2. Most Trainers & jockeys when being interviewed, are wearing items of clothing with a bookies slogan on it, that tells you all to know, they are in cahoots with eachother…. The game is bent as a banana!!

  3. Not too many horses win twice on the trot.
    Many times I have looked at a horse that has won its last two races with C/D form only for the horse to flop.Sometimes form means nothing.
    A stable in form can be a better guide or a change of jockey.
    Normally the top weight in handicaps is the best horse on ratings but weight will eventually stop a train.
    How many times have you seen a horse beaten by say a length given 2 or 3 pounds less against that horse but still may get beaten again by that horse.
    There are so many variations that's why in the long run you can't
    beat the bookies.
    If you did beat them they just ban you.
    Are we flogging a dead horse?

  4. As I said about not backing them all the other selections could win 🤣🤣🤣is that called Murphys law, or just horse racing 🤣,
    So just have a look to see how I did, sorry for all the writing, and good luck on what you selected 👍

  5. Most races the fav only wins 1 to 3 times per race sometimes more, I have a system I use to better my chances, I've already sent all my selections but I won't be backing them all my top ones are as follows.
    List 1.55 congo river 4/6
    Muss 6.15 tamaska 11/4
    Per 2.20 enki flacke 4/5
    I would put these in a ew patent,
    If there was only 2 selections I would do 2 single ew wins where possible with 8 runners or more, and a small ew double

  6. Hello bet angel, I'm a fav better but only what I think is a good fav,
    Sunday 5th June,
    List 1.55 congo river
    Per 2.20 enki flacke
    Muss 3.45 finns charm
    Kilb 4.25 midnight run
    Kilb 5.25 uncle Phil
    Muss 6.15 tamaska

  7. Another good video Peter. But from a trading perspective, is there much point in going to the trouble of looking at form, stall bias, behaviour of the horse before the off etc., when all of this is reflected in the price anyway? In a way, by just paying attention to the price, you are getting the market to do all of that work for you.

  8. I always look at Trainer plus Jokey combinations % over the first 5 to 6 favorites. The ones with the 2 to 3 highest scores are the trending ones. Then I look at draws, weights, horses for courses and form. Then make my selections. On paper though.
    You can never get it 100% every time but quite close. On paper is always different to a living breathing unpredictable animal whos mood and circumstances in the race change constantly.
    Thank you Peter for your wonderful videos. Your the best.

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  10. Many thanks Peter, great help to a novice wannabe punter, are you stats just referring to flat racing ? Also to be successful do you have to bet only on the exchanges as I don’t fully understand that system ?

  11. All these things are taken into account in the betting so it doesn't give you any increased chance of winning or finding an edge. I think this sort of thing just throws people up dark alleys.

  12. Total utter nonsence….sell your products to the gullible like a double glazing salesman, favs have won a third of the time since the 18th century……why ? because they are not all even money, some are 10/1, some are 1/2……………i make 20,000 grand a months of idiots like this..and i'm not trying to sell you anything to do it…………pffff

  13. I would like to know what difference it makes in running of a horse with different shoes like steel or Aluminum. Does it make a lot of difference in that horse winning that race? Whether it has significance in trainer using different shoes depending on distances or courses. This discussion is for horse races in India in different race courses like Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Madras etc. I am from India. Hope you will find time to answer these queries. Thank you.

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