48 thoughts on “Betting $750,000 on BLACKJACK in 20 minutes

  1. I don’t know if I caught her cheating but notice every A she had she did some type of hand jester (when she had the 21 she twiddled her finer, then she had another A when the lady was shuffling she tucked her thumb, and on the final one she scratched her arm).

  2. Just started recently watching your videos , cool stuff and keep it going, Anyhow on Evolution of course they rig games a 100% fact , sane as playtech absolute joke they get away with it.

  3. actually, ur strategy is incorrect since first time to take 7 seat, man.. u should start from 1 seat and increase.. to make card rotation in ur position not advantages for dealer.

  4. You should really consider to use a basic strategy sheet. Becuase you make a lot of mistakes. All mistakes cost you money, f.e. The A7 vs 3 is a double.

  5. Bro you need to stop going against the book then bitching when you don’t win! I haven’t seen one of your videos for a few months but they used to be fun and enjoyable to watch, this was you just moaning all the way through and I turned it off before it ended.

  6. Yeah this is exactly how evolution is for me too. Only difference is I played on the $50 tables. I actually quit playing because evolution is so bad. I tend to only play poker tournaments online now. Great video BTW

  7. I wonder do the shufflers shuffle a certain amount of times to bring the cards back to the original order they were in before the shuffle? Is that possible?

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