36 thoughts on “I Tried Sports Betting With $10,000

  1. 997% ROI 😀 😀 anyone who knows just a little about sports betting knows that that number alone means scam. There is no way you can get that return and if you did, why would you sell this info? Makes no sense.

  2. Sportsmakers have a VIG.
    Anyone that says ''they beat the sportsmakers'' are simply lying.
    It's no different to someone saying ''i can beat blackjack''
    Both statements are a mathematical impossibility.
    Unless you can see the future, you cannot profit in the long run from sports betting. And i literally mean unless you can time travel.

  3. People like this ruin a whole industry. you wont ever make 1000 percent returns. You just need to have proper bankroll management and compound your interest overtime. Aim to have a 60 percent win rate, which is doable. By the way I'm not talking about biaheza, i love this dudes videos, I'm talking about the instagram gurus who dont teach proper bankroll management

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