40 thoughts on “Sports Betting And The Rise Of DraftKings

  1. When I look at the chart, we're going up. However, when I look at the overall economic situation, I say we haven't seen the bottom yet. Trading has been going smooth for me. More emphasis should be put into day trading, as it less affected by the unpredictable nature of the market. Thanks to Fyetus Dogan for his amazing skills for helping me earn 12 BTC from 1.9 BTC through day trading. Great TA as always>🙌🏻.

  2. In a casino you see the dealer pull the cards from the deck. However on on-line blackjack or poker the cards can be manipulated without the player not even knowing.
    It's a scam, where the house will always wins.👎

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  4. I know many many people who are poor due to gambling in the UK. Its a great way to snatch middleclass and poor peoples disposable income every month.

    This is a huge problem in communities. However people will still gamble as its advertised and pushed almost everywhere. Kids football teams are sponsored by local book keepers for instance. Crazy i know.

    Im investing in Draft kings, simply due to it happening reguardles of ke doing so or not. Also im nto an ethical invester as i invest into US, UK, china and russian companies already and theyr all bent.

  5. I'm a pro gambler since 2009. The positive advice to gamblers is to use money management. Never bet all in. Bet on what you can afford. Sports futures is profitable than sports regular season bets. Parlay bets is not profitable to most gamblers. Fade the public and fade emotions or you will lose money.

  6. I like how they blame athletes "being competitive" for being susceptible gambling and not that MOST (certainly not all) but MOST athletes come from backgrounds of poverty and low education

    But yeah, keep blaming they are just TOO competitive to handle money! HAH!

  7. That’s a total bs. Gambling is gambling and the only way for a gambling company to make a profit is to win the bet I the long run. So the player will always lose money. This report is trying so hard to sugarcoat the gambling industry.

  8. I can’t even front I’m just now picking up sports betting in the last couple months more aggressively . Before it was here and there but now I realized how fun, quick and easy you can make 💰 if your smart responsible and knowledgeable. So I’ve been driving from NYC to jersey to make bets lolz

  9. House,car,family,10 years from now…..f*@% it! Go Eagles….unbelievable buy the stock not the game. Do you think one day you could buy stock at a machine? Instead of broken dream tickets

  10. Casinos and online gambling should be banned permanently within USA.

    Nowadays it's crypto. See, most people want easy money but they don't know the value of it.

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