46 thoughts on “3 Horse Racing Tips for Maximum Profits (Strategy Guide)

  1. Cann thanks for the video!
    Is that In Running Trading Toll still up nowadays?

    As their page looks a bit outdated. Don't want to waste £79 quid for nothing.

    Thanks in advance

  2. Videos like this are classic and comprehensive for one’s understanding…I do appreciate your works to the community!

    It’s being quite a year and half now I’ve been trading and investing in market commodities, making huge gains and a loss at same time while learning under Mr. Ray Perkins mentorship platform. He’s the best I’ve worked with all through my trade journey.
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  3. im looking at horses at the moment
    just looking at information & tryin find a edge just to make it little easier
    if its similar to sports i use physcolgy part
    if horses have similar thinkin im not sure some things alot actually i cant find
    like workouts & such i cant find
    im just reading trainners of horses share some ok info on horses before they even race just physcolgy in how to train it i wana start lookin at races without bettin it & c if such things prove any difference in race day
    im mainly lookin for value in unknown & madien races with what i red but thats where i wana start
    form has limited info
    but im not sure where to find info on trainnin stats & such whats site?

    anyways horses i'l do in future
    i'l probably b able to find 1-5 solid horses in future a day once i know how to follow a horse & track there info
    i wont bet anything less then $3.50 in horses
    & id always wana do parlay 2-3horses unless its a ok $20-$100 winner i think has a decent chance
    i'l go through every track in future
    maybe international once i know more bout horses

    but im starting at trainners & why there bred & workouts so the stuff they doing before they race is main focus for me & jockey not to much form with what i red on workouts & havin long periods inbetween with such issues like injuries & such would effect it on race day

    i wana give horses a good crack 2yrs
    i dont wana put heaps of money on it with good places & winners maybe in future $1000-$5000 id spend as limit in horses
    coz id look at horses $3-$6 mainly places & parlayin 2 a slip
    usually $10-$30+ total for 2 & puttin $1000-$5000 on it would b ok as return in years ahead
    im only just figuring out sport my 3rd year
    but horses im givin a good crack in comin mnths

  4. the other week i layed a 110/1 winner, a 75 /1 winner on the horses and two double figure priced winners on the dogs, on the same afternoon…if id put them in a win acca id have bagged thousands upon thousands…almost impossible to bet big priced winners but when you lay them strange things happen…Stopped gambling a week ago after years of heartache and nightmares and so glad i did. Good luck to those that make it pay.

  5. Morning Caan, loving the lay the horse in race strategy…only done 4 but yet to have a looser…however I look for value atm night before( gives me time to read up and shop around) and frankly exploit bookies for a bet( when I suspect their odds are overpriced) as the liquidity is not there on Betfair. I leave them to run, even though on the day they go down in price so I could lock in a profit (I do look out for R4's not to get caught out), question is…what is the rating at which I should just lay before the race? Already have one at 140%, some money have been matched at 160% so when would you cut this off pre-race

  6. I did at one time deliver food to top horse training including Newmarket training base and from the information I gathered horse racing is totally corrupt to the core, yes I like your ideas but I want to win some money, if you have some inside information let me know dave from walsall, email me dh.55haynes@gmail.com

  7. please can you explain this in horse betting :– 1pt win to BSP

    ​Lingfield 15.50: Mi Laddo
    Newcastle 18.00: Baileys Warrior 
    Newcastle 18.30: Reckless Endeavour

  8. Caan, love the videos. I've mostly been having a go at trading with small stakes ($2) I've been following Betfair odds closely for a while and think I've found a decent edge in one fairly commonly occuring instance. How should I got about calculating that edge? Should I trade it "blindly" until I figure out exactly when the best value is?

    Also my other issue exiting a profitable trade. I have a tendancy to panic if I'm in "green" but I see it bounce a few ticks against me. If I lay a horse at 4.00 and it hits 5.00 and it looks like it'll keep drifting. But then somebody put its a small spike into 4.60 I'll panic and cash out, only to see I was correct all along and it goes out beyond 6.00 but now I have nothing but my (relatively tiny) 3 tick profit. What are the best methods you've found for closing trades if they turn against you? How long should you keep faith in what you've assessed against cashing out even if you do go negative for a minute?

  9. I found an easier way and there is no human or animal involved. SA Racing not the same as it used to be. I would know because I used to be part of those behind the scenes…. pulling strings and what not. Anyway thanks for you info – useful I'm sure.

  10. Whenever you find your self strolling past an antiquated bricks and mortar bookie open the door and shout "barry conway and kenny envers are coming!!!!!" this strikes fear in to their hearts and sends them in to a frenzy, 😂😂😂😂

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