48 thoughts on “When The Dealers Laugh At You …

  1. Look cody's face at the end of the video. He s completely sad, feeling so bad, disgusted. That's all about gambling. I dont know why this kind of game exist when i think to all those people who broke their life playing roulette, BJ, SLOTS…

    Dont forget most important in your life is your health, and gambling will destroy everything, your finances first, your health second for sure.

    Dont gamble guys

  2. Good to see your uploads again OG it's all good but I don't feel sorry for big time show of gamblers but lately I do for code looks like he losing money that may mater an that's when it's pain when your down your down big those little ups seem last few moments but the loses an downs last for days weeks months hell even years if you go all in on borrowed cash 🤯🤢

  3. the dude is smirking because he knows them youtube gamblers are playing with free money…so if they lose it does not matter and if they win the casino gives them more free money so that more stupid people will play at that casino

  4. It's just too aggressive play. The games will let you win somewhere in samples of 100-1000s, not 10 bets. In a sense the players expect luck to appear more often and it can happen. It's not the average.

  5. It’s obvious he’s losing lol. It’s not all his money first off and these casinos use CGI to scam people. There black cards they draw and they get to choose when to let you win. Might as well go to a real casino instead of a scam. That’s why these casinos have no regulation checks otherwise they’ll get fucked for scamming.

  6. Kyle, you're right about that, it's literally 9 out of 10 happened to me, I won 6k then lost 8k, I won 2k then lost 3k, I won 6k then lost 7k, I hasn't go broke, but it's really annoyed me for sure, last night I lost 1.9k again, after that I can't even sleep well and I woke up every hour, it's just Fcking sad man, don't get it twisted, bcoz we can't win everytime, it's always we are gonna losing more money than we ever win.

  7. I love seeing the losses every now and again, as bad as that may sound.. Brings me back down to reality when I dream of winning big in gambling! Appreciate these kind of videos!

  8. Once again, when "The Codeman" starts playing blackjack and wins a couple of hands, they bring "Harry Pothead" ( The Card Mechanic ) in! All of a sudden here comes all the 20's and 21's to beat Cody and he has to start re-depositing again! When is this shit going to stop? And what is this crap with the dealers smirking when the player loses hands? Total disrespect to the player along with the crooked game itself! Great video and commentary as always Kyle! Robert /:-)

  9. went to my local casino last week had to wait for a seat, got one when a player stormed off the first seat, apparantly he got hammered. i sat down and had a 21 push on first hand and then lost 14 hands on the trot! meanwhile ims seeing players getting straight flushes and multiple straights from side bets on virtually every other box

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