41 thoughts on “How I got banned from sports betting (Using Maths) | Arbitrage Betting Explained

  1. Greetings friends!I have been making money on betting for more than 20 years. Now I have realized my mission, it is to help everyone not to depend on money, but to treat a large amount of it as due.Please your loved ones and be happy. I wish you all the best and joy!

  2. hello good night, congratulations for the work, I'm a professional and I've been working with surebets for a few years, I would like to talk to you, do you have an email that we could talk to?

  3. I came looking for someone else doing this. I first had this idea in 2000 but it was a logistical impossibility then. I decided to look at it again during the slams of 2022 and God damn! The amount of Bookies I saw with different favourites! It was like catching fish in a barrel. I also love the Cashout game. Got a 67% profit within about three minutes. What sort of Donut would go out to work? Can't wait for the next slam. Got more screens than NASA LOL.

    I had so many excellent ones. Had a fair few today on the ATP. Sometimes there are mad minutes where 15% yields are grabbed. Beware of BetVictor if you win by a walkover they welch and just give your stake back!

  4. Bookmakers are very aware of this. Not easy and they can ban you anytime if they notice something. A better way to not losing money is not using money on betting. You will always lose.

  5. I dont get it.. when You say if I put $1 on heads and $1 on tails, "regardless of the outcome you make 50 cents profit."

    Explain how this works!

    Ive spent $2 in total.

    I am guaranteed $1.50 back if heads win but also guaranteed to lose $1 that was betted on tails. And the same outcome if tails lose.

    So ive essentially lost 50 cents 'regardless of the outcome'.

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