27 thoughts on “No fluff, how I made $400,000 betting on sports part-time & why I write software for bettors

  1. Bovada limits my bets .. they don’t anymore 😅 I’ve been pretty cold the past three months. I don’t have the type of money you’re playing with but I’ve ran up $50 – 100 bucks to 3-5k three separate instances. Betting premier league, champions league and NFL.

  2. What would be your first piece of advice to someone that has ample weekly cash flow, with relative freedom. I live in a area adjacent to legalized gambling so I haven’t setup any accounts yet. Willing to travel as well. This is brilliant logic, it’s arbitrage hunting. In most of your videos the focus tends to be on baseball, I’d like it target basketball. Thanks for the info.

  3. Don't lines depend on the betters ultimately? They might open with a guess, but they converge on the balance of the betters. Sports books just want the lines to be bet even. So different books can have different lines because they have different customers who are betting at different proportions.

  4. I am outside of Atlanta, not good for online betting… Heading to Vegas to pick up my RV. Lived there for about 7 years. Nashville before that. All kinda lines up, huh? I need to speak with you. Lots of numbers floating around out there…

  5. Why can't you continue to bet through others, oe have 5 accounts on each site. The bets don't have to go down in the same amount or exactly the same tine, so detection could be slowed or avoided. Or rotate using accounts.

  6. Can you so a video about regular bitcoin casinos and if there's any way to profit maybe just explain the system of leveling up and how it works in the casinos benefit on trustdice or bc

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