48 thoughts on “I Tried Online Gambling For 1 Week

  1. guys i havent told my friends this but i gambled on blackjack and won 800 dollars!!! but then i got sinked in when i was going to bed. i took my phone out and went in again, just wanted to win 100 dollars more… then i lost it all. added more money so i could win it back. then i lost 900 dollars in total. i feel anxious bc im only 18 and it was so awesome to have won 800 dollars but now im just insanely depressed that i lost it all and i just think about what i could do with it instead of losing it…

  2. Im.only playing Roulette or Do some sportsbet. These games like crash are way to inconsistent 🤣 looks like a scam. But yeah insane Strategy how you lost 200or something with crash

  3. You say 175$ is crazy I brought 10$ – 2000$ lmfao done it a few times your strategy’s are bad my g never martingale like that wtf🤣🤣 and I learned to card count it took 1-2 years and now I run a bag a lot

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