49 thoughts on “SHOCK result in world's RICHEST race 🤑 | The Saudi Cup

  1. soMad and other Ustadz or ulama must watch or see this. "The Richest race", is it halal or haram para Kadrun,FPI , UAS and ulama in Indonesia. Adakah penistaan agama? Main Judi choi!! Gambling!!
    APA Komen kalian, buta Mata kalian tak nampak?? Saudi cup choi!!

  2. Their tracks are so much nicer than ours, probably because of the constant targeting by animal rights activists that they have to waste so much money to fight, even though the majority of them have no idea what they’re supporting & many have never even seen a horse except on TV…. why can’t people in the states stay out of things they have no knowledge of? They want to romanticize virtually everything!

  3. Japan is breeding the way the U S , Use to do. Not the way they do now with all the Syndicated breeding . Which people don't take in too account the 2 horses they breed too.

  4. Saya pikir lebih baik perlumbaan Saudi Cup 20M itu tidak terbuka untuk seluruh dunia, sebab pemenang tetap kuda2 dari Saudi. Sangat tidak logik. Seolah – olah pemenang sudah di atur. Nampak sangat kuda di depan tu slow di hujung perlumbaan.

  5. اتمنى اكون فارسة يارب لكن ضرب الخيل شىء مؤلم لها لايستحق الألم كل هذا ..
    دعو الخيل تعدو بسلام فهي تعي وتفهم المهمة.

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