50 thoughts on “One Of The BIGGEST JACKPOTS EVER in YouTube HISTORY on BUFFALO GOLD Revolution!

  1. I just saw another video that was 2 months before yours where the guy was only betting $6.00 not the max and won a total of a little over $16,800 with a total of 129 free spins. When he started he had a little over $1200 in credit. Not to bad of a win for you though considering you were down $1560 then to end up winning a total of almost $21,000 that's a lot of cash to carry out. Hope you got a security guard.

  2. Makes me angry how the aren't going crazy for winning that amount of cash. That could change a family's life forever and she's just like yay, first time getting 15 buffalos like that amount of money means nothing. Must be nice to be born privileged like her. I'd be screaming my head off, maybe throw up, and just be going absolutely crazy. I'd be able to pay off my student loans and help my mom out.

  3. 22k off of a $22.50 cent best isn't really a very large jackpot. Do some simple math if you bet like this normally even with that win you are DEEEEEEPP in the hole. Best wishes.

  4. Yeah that's close to the max you can win. I've done 199 spins on $2.25 for $16k so $32k should be max for $4.50. Best pay to bet ratio I had was $4004 on $0.60 on reg buffalo gold.

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