33 thoughts on “How to never lose betting on Horse Racing

  1. Stop it
    Its big buisness
    You show how to cheat properly & then ill watch your videoes
    You can't beat the bookies unless your the horse jockey & trainer.
    Possibly owner and you know the bookmaker
    Bah humbug
    Yes i am a disgruntled punter who bets 10 pence accumalators
    What next how to win on slot machines.

  2. Chris, how do you work out how much e/w stake to put on each horse? shouldn't the each way bet and total stake pink boxes be left blank to allow for different amounts to be placed? Sorry to sound a bit dumb but i've tried this with a totally blank spreadsheet, using £10 e/w stakes on each horse and the potential lowest profit was minus £300 with highest profit £1600. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  3. This system only works if all the runners have odds of 2.0 and over. If even one runner is trading at, for instance 1.85, then you would make a loss. I've dutched hundreds of races in my time and this is a fact.

  4. Hey this is really great video, i will really try this! Btw couple months ago i found Imperia team tips and those guys are really outsmarting bookies and if you follow their rules you will be in profit every month… Now i can save up to couple hundreds of $$$ every week and i am so grateful..

  5. Bad comments but he has just explained and shown how this works. You should realise that, significantly, he was giving an example of a race with 1/4 odds each way. More often than not races are 1/5 odds which makes it more difficult to turn a profit.

  6. Is this an advantage play? as the lowest profit, I've ever managed to find in tests over 2 weekends on the spreadsheet is -£27.13 (which isn't guaranteed profit and it's a time-consuming process)
    Lowest win £25
    Lowest 4 places £32.88
    Highest win £175
    Highest 4 places £108.50
    Highest profit £198.50

    Other lowest profit range between -£50 to -£110

    So I would say it's very rare to find a race that actually shows a positive lowest profit, Ive looked at this about a year ago as well and that was the same

  7. Are you really suggesting bookies will give you more than one chance to have bets like £15 eachway on a 50/1 shot without being gubbed if it wins ? Also you said you'd give a " real life example " – have I missed something ? Where are your " real bets " shown ? Thanks in advance.

  8. Did exactly same and made only £10 , this strategy doesn't work or maybe thr is hidden glitch which you know behind the scene. No point wasting time just for £10 .

  9. What can go wrong? I'm not a fan of horse racing cause things move too quickly and I've noticed things go wrong and it's often not spoken about til someone is asking for help.

  10. I've trialled this on the spreadsheet with 4 racings which are happening today, based on the highest odds I could find on oddschecker and the best payout (i.e 1/4 odds) and unfortunately all have a -£100 on minimum profit on the spreadsheet. Are there certain races we should be looking at? I'm testing this out about 2-3 hours before the races, should it be trialled closer to the off?

  11. This is a highly dubious strategy. You haven't mentioned the effect of non runners… either the bookies will pay out less, or even worse, will pay out less places. Either way the calculations will be incorrect.

  12. This looks like a really interesting idea but personally I don't know how feasible it is to do with a larger or small bank roll and you have a large amount of money tied up in a lot of bookies and these typically take a few days each to withdraw back.

  13. as you are placing bets – if the odds change for some of the horses are you still to put bets on could it mean you make a loss as it would be tricky to do 2nd bets on horses you have already bet on. if you need to bet on say 14 horses that takes time so odds will change. also if say 14 horses that needs to be 14 bookie accounts? betting on more than one horse with a bookie is a no no? if a horse pulls out it’s going to impact on your profit negatively? and what happens if the extra place is not paid at all because not enough runners – a guaranteed loss? see if i can get to the next patron call and ask on that

  14. I remember 10 years or so ago, you could do this and make £400+ from every extra place race. Bookies then went from 1/4 to 1/5. Very difficult to do now, almost impossible to find any races where you are in profit.

  15. I do like match betting, but it's key to have a good payroll, my bank roll is growing but so slowly, I've only been doing it for 3 weeks but I'm only at net profit of £30, i need some 2ups to come in as I'm only losing recently

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