47 thoughts on “Unbelievable horse race at Newcastle! 😮

  1. That poor horse was let go WAY to early and there is probably a reason for that. The only way that horse won is because it was let go to do what it wanted the entire race. They lucked out. And that poor horse won't last long.

  2. Awesome race, awesome horse to have stayed strong and hold the lead as long as Steward did, beautiful stride. Noticed though it was starting to tire towards the end. Awesome ride by the jockey as well, but without them being as one, the outcome may have happened differently ….. This race reminds me of the great Secretariat winning the Triple Crown in the 1970s, of which I had the chance to see him in all his glory. Another great horse was Man O’War, lovingly know as “Big Red”, great stallion setting those early history racing records as well. Love a good race without incidences of abuse and cruelty, but more importantly, love a good rider who understands his/her horse more and will do what is right to guarantee its safety on the track while racing. ❤️👍🙏🏼

  3. I dont like how the jockey whipped the winning horse. The horse was absolutely rooted and was winning by heaps, no need to whip him. I wouldn't be surprised if the horse had a heart attack after that effort.

  4. He said "see ya I'm outta here I have a date with my feed bag and the spa I got to get this over with fast ". Beautiful job . Just let the horse do what comes naturally. They love to run and hate being held back. You don't need to beat them with wipps or sticks . They are extremely competitive you just need to let them be them.

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