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  1. Hello Sir. I have a question, Im new on this.

    Is it possible to bet on horse racing after it has started? I have seen that it is in some Youtube videos, but I am not sure if it is possible to do it (or if it is a reason for a ban on betfair). The following strategy occurs to me: Once the race has started (in long races, many horse racers) bet against the horse that is falling behind (we are already certain that said participant does not win). Is it work? Is it possible?

  2. The only downside I can see is on a rare occasion if the horse gets stuck in the stalls you've done your dough entirely, however the likelihood of this happening being so rare, I'm sure you can suck up the losses of when that does happen and still make long term profit

  3. Very informative video and love all I have watched so far!

    I do want to ask though would this work with most races for fancied runners? Typically once a runner goes in running the price drops straight away 99% of the time for the flat races. Even if looking to gain a 10% profit each race with 30+ races a day is good consistent gains and should not be difficult to find.

    I am just dubious of whether this is something that BF Exchange would subsequently ban you for? Would appreciate your opinion on this?

  4. Is it possible to do this without a trading bot or without the cash out option efficently do you suggest any other trading statergy we don't have Betfair here in my place but got some other exchange with plenty of liquidity

  5. Hello I have been watching your videos ,where do I find the charts amd graphs you show ? I so need these to help me understand more , thank you for opening my eyes to this , even though I bet on football mainly the horse racing seems something I can het my head round, keep going with the videos,

  6. Hey mate, been loving your racing videos. Was wondering if you knew anything about framing your own market? I know the top punters make there own 100% market and compare the prices they mark to the bookies. Would you know how to make your own market?

  7. each to their own, takes all the life out of the sport but if money is your bottom line then obviously fair play to any strategy which works.

    taking emotion out of gambling is however good advice. anyway,

    it's fine you saying if it doesn't bounce out we cash out for little or no loss, but what actually happens.. can you cash out, is it suspended, is the loss more than a few quid? a few live examples of you actually doing this will give us a better idea, not a cherry picked video, you back the horse, show us till the first bend and then come back to the video and you've got the lay bet on …… … …….

    you have to be fast to lay it assuming the price shortens just because it's leading… does the price really collapse on an outsider, how often? will it go from 10s to 6s after 10 yards??? no. what if you try to get matched but don't, and by the time you've waited… your cash out is now 40£…

    i presume i'm being an idiot and like another comment said.. perhaps you have the LAY bet set already at a very short price which you hope it hits if the horse is leading and attracts mug money?? that's the only way i see this working..

  8. Just came upon this site at the moment am been refused by most sites due to me having self excluded from one site then fitting banned due to high betting which I lost also a debt search showed I have debt owed ,but as soon as I get sorted hopefully ,love your videos will defo be following your research and learning more about your strategy, as I do a lot of 2.5 1.5 goals etc

  9. my favourite strategy as a punter and you will hate me saying this Caan but it's letting it ride when you find a horse that leads and can win in low benchmarks.

    E.g backing a 6-1 shot and middling it at 4.50 in run to win what ever your stakes profit is at 4.50 and if it loses money back.

    Hard to do but some of my most memorable wins have been in the 3 figures from small bets of $10-20

    I only do this as i am a gambler these days not much of an in play trader but its more fun for me keeps the money going a long way

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