42 thoughts on “Sports Betting 101: A Beginner's Guide

  1. With the growing advancements in Data architecture, the darker side will hit the emotions of some and pockets of many industries in ways they may not have expected. Recent news shows the % of which college team is more likely to win, Great I know who to bet on and I don’t need to go to the game because my team will win anyway. Data analytics will change the way we see sports emotionally and financially for the industry. Just a few thoughts on a billion dollar industr

  2. I just started betting 2 weeks ago. I have place 10 bets so far and have only 1 won bet. I didn't understand the -/+. I have been playing the + more because I thought that was the favorite. I feel so stupid, but it is a learning experience.

  3. Finally a video that actually takes the time to explains this confusing crap. Ive watched a bunch of these videos and though im still not clear on a few things they explained most of it pretty well. Great video guys

  4. This video was great, but have you encounter Six Sigma Sports betting? It’s a next-gen sports betting application, leveraging the Sports, Gaming & Entertainment (SGE) Network, a layer-1 sovereign Cosmos-based blockchain!

  5. Thank you for the betting 101. Can you make a video on how you went from being a beginner to starting to see yourself actually becoming a professional and doing this full time

  6. Good introduction to sports betting. I teach a full semester course to undergraduates on sports betting at East Carolina University. It is a fascinating topic and deep topic with a lot to talk about.

  7. Watch you guys often and this video was great. I understand spreads and over/under bets but thanks for explaining the others. Going to Vegas at the end of Aug so this will come in handy when I lay some NFL bets. Please keep these types of videos coming. Great content.

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