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  1. 1 maybe you could help me I came up with a new horse racing system that takes the odds of the horses and the odds of the jockeys cuz the horse goes up and down class so does Jackie's go up and down class to win also my system works from the bottom up we'll see some works from the top down so you only go down to $100,000 and continue to go down to win you don't find the top jockeys at the bottom or do you find the bottom jockeys at the top so that should be telling you something right there well my horse system we made a flyer out telling how people could win at the horse racing what to look for at the track hopefully I'll have people at different tracks at different times letting people know when certain things are going to happen for instance when they change equipment on a horse they don't tell people until 5 minutes before the race 90% of the people already placed their bets and my luck with this they came in 90% of the time it doesn't happen every week it happens every two or three weeks they be able to email the people that gets my horse system automatically let them know when certain things happen does all things happen at the track besides why I just told you did you know that the jockeys own horses on other tracks and when you could get this information and where you get this information it helps them know when a Jackie flies in that the horse been repaired for the jockey that flies in I have a lot of horse stories about owners and what they did I tell my people you still could lose because the horse could get back of an old horse and it can't get up front sometimes and how to look for those things as well my system is over people's system to make it even better yet my uncle used to take me to horse races I said to myself I'm going to find a better way so people could win it took me 5 years to make this system operation the jockey that goes up and down in class there's a certain way they do it so nobody can figure out what they are doing when they drop down in class they do that from the top and they also do it at the bottom but the bottom Works more than the top and the top doesn't pay very much money cuz the favorite wins most of the time but at the bottom a favorite don't win all the time like they do at the top I'm in North Carolina right now and I'm 74 years old and I'm trying to figure out how to place this on the market so people understand what's taking place at the track and how things operate for instance or a few people know at the track which horse are in better shape the arms of the horse tells his wife that the horses in good shape and ready to win he says to not to tell anybody of course she tells her friends and I have to a period of time the odds of the horse goes down quite a bit then the vet erinarian that takes care of the horse they could tell if the horses in good shape he tells his friends his friend still their friends and next thing you know their eyes on their horse really drops down quite a bit then you have the jockey group excuse me the Jackie judges I guess are you calm the place Jackie's on different horses they also know that this source is going to be in the money because they put the better jockey on the horse I still don't understand all this but I know this goes on this is how I explain to him about the horse racing the horse racing is like a transmission those hundreds and hundreds of parts and all you need is a few parts to understand how it operates once you understand how it operates then you could be sure it will operate the same way every time because one part hooks to a noun part and it works I also made a flyer that goes out to different barriers around the country where the horse races are it gives them free tips that they could start winning automatically because they can look for certain things to happen when they go to a horse racing like I told you some of them now but those more I can't go into all the details because it will be too much for me I took this idea to a guy that's a painter down at Home Depot and he told me about his friend that puts all this kind of information about different sports into the computer and they keep track of the all the different teams how many people are sick during the week how was the place during the week and it adds up to be a window all the time the horse race I got told me it probably the same thing because you need a computer to keep up with everything and then he wanted more information well I'm not going to give him any more information I gave enough so he could tell his friends to hopefully he'll get involved and sell my horse race system out there to people my system still could use a lot of improvement so we use other people's horse race systems import to make our horse system and look better yet some of the things I don't have when I check everybody your horse race system that's out there I find pieces and parts that I have will I have more than they do they don't go into details I go into a lot of details because I want to make sure you understand when people understand the way the method is and how everything works at a horse race sometimes I don't know if I'm repeat myself or not but this horse race system I'll put in bars also goes down to the track talking to the people at the track listen to how they win and then give them some free information how they could win then they could buy my horse race system if they like it most people I talk to like it because they don't really understand everything that goes on the BET is really against the person and not for the person cuz a lot of horse racing system don't go into the deep stuff so I'll be able to text them on certain things happen at the track when they certain things happen at the track then they'll have five minutes to back the people at the track they really drink and they already bought the tickets before this these things start taking place I guess a lot of people losing out at the track because the horse race tracks are kind of dying out a little bit because there's not enough information to get the young people interested in button horses I found out most of the things are not really cheating at all is this the way it is for instance if you took a horse down at the horse track if you want a certain jockey you have to pay more money for that jockey and that jockey might be already filled up so he can't get the jockey that you where you want but you have to pay more money according to what type of jockey you want on that horse so it's already fixed for the jockeys knowing that on The Price is Right well that horse to get in there and that horse could run so fast because of the money they put up for that particular jockey when jockeys go around the track every jockey takes no of the yellow Jackie that's ahead of them so they can learn from them but the top jockeys they do things around the track where the cameras are not there and they cannot watch them and they go back to the barn once they tried the horse out maybe for the first time and they take notes on the horse because they might drive their horse again and they'll know what kind of training that horse needs for the next time horses like kids you have to keep trying different things out to get their horses attention so they stop jockeys they'll keep knowing what to do because they keep up they keep records of what they do on the horse but the bottom jockeys don't know the top jockeys are doing this is some of my low information they'll give you to let you know I know I'm talking about I'm here in North Carolina Charlotte that you can't make a bet Rosary can't talk to people on the internet because they black it off when you talk about horse racing so I'm trying to get this out to you I don't want to go to Virginia or New Jersey to write this out to anybody I'm trying to do it here and get started here one more thing there's a lot of horse race patterns that's out there only few works the most and one guy said you have to have a good eye to keep track of this well I found some information out and it works most of the time but everything I'm a little flyer doesn't happen on a day-to-day basis I only happens once every two or three weeks so 100,000 people come and then they go and then they'll start the pattern all over again and people do not catching anything that's taking place like I said it took me 5 years to put all this together I would appreciate if you would call me it's 7:04-901-6705 you have to call me twice and I'll call you back as I know it's important and you tell me that you heard from me on the internet about race horses system and I'll be glad to tell you a little bit more information just remind me while I got off from where I started I'm hoping to sell this information and a lot more of a for a little bit higher price and then what's up there already they sell my horse racing system after they sell a few of them then they start making money on the horse race system then they get our people involved and then they start making extra money I'm looking for a partner in this I hope you have learned something and I'll I'll help you call again 704-901-6705 Ask for Don

  2. Hello my name is Donald Berryman and I did a horse system and I'm looking for a partner to help me get it off the ground my horse system works from the bottom up and not from the top down more systems work from the top down a my horse system we are reaching out into bars across the country that has horse racing close to it I'm giving the $60 value on on it and it tells them what to look for in a horse race that they could win I basically give them 10 different ways they could look at winning they have to wait to these things happen then once these things happen then they could make a bet the chances are these things happening is about 60%, they'll come in wrong and then once they come in they wouldn't want to get more information and then they buy my horse system that helps them out that much more to win I tell him nothing is really guaranteed because of jockey could fall off a horse or the horse could have a bad day or the jockey is sort of sick and he can't do his best or a horse got behind the last time out why Matt behind I'm at behind a horse that would let him go pass there's all kinds of things you can look for at a horse race that few people know about in my horse system I also tell him why I heard on the radio when I was listening to one of my horse race radio shows and this is it where does one of these guys that that that called him up and says you going to be out of business in 3 months the guy laughed at him and was exactly 3 months he was out business he was telling the guy to too much so therefore when you talk too much about certain things big old things take place to work the guy out and sure enough that this jockey was out in 3 months he found out that there's a list of names that you could get that tells them what tracks They are going in to win because they own horses on other tracks with other people meanwhile they'll have different jockeys Drive their horse until he comes flying in and then they come flying and they start winning so I found out by listening to him where you get this information from and I share this on my horse race system you know as well as I do does Justin spend any ways to win as to lose there is still a few things I'm still trying to learn about horse racing I don't know it all and I'm just trying to find out more so I could put it in my system you seem to be pretty knowledgeable about certain things come on push push I'm talking to my cat I got my door shut I noticed certain things while I'm watching TV shows on horse racing that when you're at the track they call out certain things 5 minutes before the race on TV they don't show this at all this is one of the ways I used to win at the racetrack one of my uncle used to take me oh the show one of them with you now they do a lot of horse race recruitment changes right before the race and the horse is less horse out of the barn since most people already bought their tickets they don't want to go back and spend any more money than they have a few drinks and they forget they said these things well a lot of these things take place and people are just too drunk all they lose their tickets and they don't catch what's being said I'm planning to have people down at the horse race track I want to do one track at a time and to catch these things in the email people what's taking place so they'll know when to bet on certain things that takes place I tell my people there's a trick to a trade and a trade to a trick and they can see that for themselves if they go down at the track there's certain jockeys when they go past the odd boards they look at the how much people are betting on the horse to me it tells me that this horse got a good possibility of winning again you only have 5 minutes to go up in bed on it because it happened so quick you have to pay attention when you're down at the front to see this my horse system has a point system to it as well it picks up the top four possibly winners for a second and third and fourth place I asked the jockey a question Club and this is the question I asked him and this is what I didn't get an answer to I got answer to all the rest of the questions I asked him does Jackie's or horses get paid in the fourth place he would not answer this question do you know let me ask you now question if you own a horse track where would you invest your money in of course you would invest your money into the racehorse somehow and some way this could be a fact or this could be a friction of what they could be doing they invest in raising horses on other horse farms in one certain horses come from different barns at different times not every time but different times they win they come up from the same Barn every two to three months and every 3 months one of those horses that they come up wins so I'm saying that the every 3 months look for a horse to win from certain barns a lot but every 3 months you will notice there will be a pattern in this I could go on and on talking about different things that takes place and what I think could be taking place I still don't have all this together but I have most of it together I have to change some of the things I was doing cuz I'm keep learning about what to do but if you can't do this maybe you could find somebody that could be interested in doing this when my people go into the horse race track and I will have another t-shirts my horse race system and then they'll be interviewing some people on how they bet and tell him some of the things we are looking for in doing they'll be interested in buying the horse race system the horse race system pays for them to go in the track and walk around the track and talk to people this is so much more I could be telling you but I don't want to take up a lot of your time I am 74 years old and I love horse racing there's only a few patterns that works the most uncertain types of horses that wins I would appreciate if you call me if you are interested in helping me get this off the ground all being a part of me or if you know somebody my name is Donald Berryman and his 704-901-6705 call me twice if I don't pick up the phone the first time then I'll know that it's important call and I'll call you back thank you

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