34 thoughts on “PRO GAMBLER – HOW TO WIN AT HORSE RACING (Golden rules)

  1. I have lost a lot of money on the horses on odds on favourites and on. Favourites, a lot of favourites are getting beat a lot, what’s causing all of this. There was a three horse in 1320 at Leicester today the favourite lost , the bookie said go for the favourite.

  2. I had no idea you could not bet the night before. Thank you for letting me know this because I had no idea you can get kicked out for betting like this.

  3. I won 270k in 5 weeks and they closed all my accounts .Just use the sites that show previous races of the horses and multi bet horses in 8 or more races . If you know your horses you can pick the ones gonna be in the frame

  4. Horse racing is entertainment, not a source of income. Gambling is our price of admission to keep the sport going. The only people making a profit are those with proprietary & exclusive data. You & I don't have that data. The people who had speed, pace, & power ratings before any such thing existed made millions. Today, everyone has those for free, they give no advantage. The takeout in horse racing is much to high to be beat. When golfers finish a round, the clubhouse doesn't give part of the money back if they had a good round. But in horse racing we get at least some of our money back. I went to Churchill Downs this summer, had a blast, & won $2 more than I lost. But I understand the takeout is impossible to beat in the long run. This is all for fun, not to make a profit. If you think you are sharp enough to beat the takeout, learn equity options, it is a lot easier to bank a profit.

  5. Completely disagree with you about Cash Out. It’s the best thing that’s happened for punters. Good bookies offer full cash out for quite a period of time. This allows you to reconsider your bet what looked good earlier, later you decide it’s risky you can cash out. I’ve done it many times all to my advantage. The other cash out to consider is accumulators. For example you have 3 winners in a 4 horse accumulator to say £5 stake. If the last one loses you lose everything, but cash out can offer maybe a tenfold amount ie £50 so do you risk the £50 on what suddenly looks a risky last leg of the bet to win say £150? Or do you cash out and take the £50. Happened to me on many an occasion, I cashed out only for the last leg to get beat. Cash out for me has been an amazing addition to making a profit. Don’t dismiss it! The less reputable bookies discount cash out immediately so look around for the good ones. Finally, backing the night before works for me. You will often get really good odds, sometimes it drifts but often they win anyway. Obviously not every bet will win but getting better odds is a big plus. Sometimes if the bet becomes uneasy in the market and you go off the selection you can cash out, if you can’t get full value then some is better than nothing.

  6. Makes sure you have golden rules, always bet with what you can afford to lose , never change your mind , and accumulators to win makes sure you have each way side bet , don't be guided by the odds ,don't take it to seriously .
    The bookie always wins is a true saying !!

  7. This video is of no use at all for U.S. horseplayers/gamblers. It's exclusively European/English. It's amusing to hear that "betting shops will close your account" if you are too successful. That has never happened in the U.S.!!!

  8. My bet is Rugby League handicap betting. All teams are trying to win you back your knowledge against the handicapper. Horseracing is corrupt only the bookies and money men actually know what's trying half the runners waiting for another day.

  9. anybody what follows racing and thinks this is advice need to stop gambling ok if your just starting out .most online bookmakers best odds anyway so back it the night before you got to be near on a pro and lucky anyway to get stopped the normal punter is ok you are talking about big hitters and when you state cash out if a punter has a say a 4 timer and first 3 win and he is happy with the cash out offer take it he may be struggling with cash flow and football cash outs are the best thing that bookmakers have done its your choice if there is 2 min to go and your happy to lose a few quid cash it out more goals are scored in injury time now they can go on for 10 more minuets now var is in i personally have saved a small fortune with cashing out

  10. I pick better then tipsters with their info. Unfortenely overseas racing is better then in South Africa. Here by us the trainers, Jocks, bookmakers takes us to the cleaners. You good if you pick the right one. Overseas the Jocks looks like they don't really throw races😁

  11. One trick I use is on different accounts occasionally withdraw everything don't use it for a week or so and often they will offer u deposit match to get going again

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