31 thoughts on “What the Gambling Industry Doesn’t Want You To Know | Informer

  1. Been gambling for a game for a long while… not much, but each time it adds more and more. I really want to stop and i asked my family to help me before i spend even more. I have spent around 250€ so far, and that is something i never will gain back again. I got to realise that.

  2. Online and land based Casinos cover there arses by pretending to care about the financial and emotional well being of gamblers by warning them that they will never beat the house in the long run and providing “problem gamblers” with options to get help but of course they don’t really care about the gamblers well-being as most of there profits come from gambling addicts!! Casinos take advantage of gamblers by rigging games illegally by using computer software so you’re no longer gambling when software is determining the result of your bets!! You’re being cheated, abused and scammed!! This is criminal and should not be allowed to happen!! These are criminal organizations!! Why are governments from civilized countries allowing this criminal activity? On many occasions it would be so obvious that they’re rigged for example I cant tell you how many times in electronic roulette for example, something like 32 red number in a row come out all while I was betting black each spin in the hopes that the next number will be black but of course no, another 8 red numbers in a row!! When I finally bet red we’ll guess what?? Black finally comes out!! and this happens all too often!! These ridiculous streaks rarely if ever happen to the players advantage! It defies all logic! This CANNOT POSSIBLY BE RANDOMNESS!! This is fraud!! Casinos cheat even though they already have the edge! They’re far from honest!! And they target addicts!!! Dirty mother F!!!kers! I’m hoping and praying for the day to come when these scams are investigated by some independent 3rd party organization that has no connection or affiliation with the crooks in the gaming industry or government. Bunch of crooks!!!

  3. My DraftKings app greys out bets can’t find my location freezes and lags my connection goes poor only at that app while I speed test open on the same network at 300+ a second my app won’t respond and lags it only happens when I win

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