35 thoughts on “How I Turned $100 into $12k Overnight w/ Sports Betting | Absolute Beginner

  1. On moneyline …So if I bet $50 and I win ..Il get a total payout $56 + 50 or jus my $50 + $6 .. if so that’s a scam how Wold that work I Win I only get my money back + $6 and if DraftKings Win they get my whole $50

  2. Thank you for providing this video it helps a lot to me, well i just recently found out this blockchain that is a Sports Betting Application a layer-1 sovereign Cosmos-based blockchain, to create the world’s first user-driven sportsbook featuring the best Defi innovations & Cosmos characteristics.

  3. This is an excellent example of sports betting. When we say betting, we truly mean it. So be cautious, and be aware of the consequences. If you only have a little additional money, you should gamble. And that's the good news, especially because there are so many web3 sports betting applications on the way. It's great because you can actually manage your digital assets.

    That's why Six Sigma is here to give you the best experience in sports betting, plus it ensures guaranteed and fast transaction settlements on a decentralized network.

  4. Blockchain betting technology is bringing the power back to the bettors. In the sports betting industry, the introduction of blockchain technology has provided a special opportunity for forward-thinking brands. This is why the emergence of Six Sigma Sports is a pretty big thing since the platform will provide transparent data on betting activity and results. I'm looking forward to its launch since this will bring a new and improved utilization for the SGE Network and blockchain altogether.

  5. Man listen don’t believe anyone that tells you how easy it is to win in sports betting. I personally placed a bet once to turn $100 into about 90k and I had people from the casino call their manager which came out and asked where I got the picks from and stopped me from placing it. Sure enough every team hit

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