39 thoughts on “Every Gamblers Dream On Slot Machine – PART 1

  1. You don’t have to answer personal questions..Some people are so rude asking you..Just tell them its personal..When I play I can’t stand Hovered people..They are like brain damage..Don’t they see not to ask things like How much you make..Then your over there answering them..

  2. I played Huff and Puff normal game 2 days ago. I put in $100 and cashed out $2,000 $0.10 denom $5 spins. My game did exactly like this. Bonus after bonus. Cool part 1 NG. Let's see what part 2 brings.

  3. Hell yeah! Awesome vid. On a side note, it’s good you keep your cool with people that want to know what you make on the side of entertainment. Good for you being a genuine person!

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