20 thoughts on “3 Best Bets in Horse Racing for Beginners and Just Learning How to Bet Horses

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  2. Oh I would disagree. An each way as we call it works great for a beginner and I see good odds on third favourite to place. Besides gambling is a game so if u enjoy cashing tickets then why not. Also where is the info on horses, jockeys and terrain.

  3. Thank you! It was the last day of live racing at the track by my house today. So I watched your video 1st. Then my 5 year old daughter and I went to the races for the 1st time. We only bet on the winning horse for 7 races. I let her pick the horses. We won about $247.50. Our seats got upgraded so we had a private box in the a/c with free food and drinks. Best of all she got to meet one of the jockeys that won and the female jockey gave her a pair of riding goggles. Amazing day!!

  4. Great video and great advice. I really like the strategy of playing small with only a horse or two and avoiding place and show! Would u say this advice applies to harness racing as well?

  5. How many bets should you make per race? You recommend these three bets. Should we do just one per race? Or can we do all three for each race? Also if I do multiple should I pick a winner and use the same winner for my exacta or should I try to use the horse I think could beat my favorite horse? I have been looking for clarity on this for a while. You should make a video on how to place bets and how many bets per race. Also if I am going to place a daily double should I also place a win bet on those same horses for those races? Or just do the daily double alone? I have so many of these questions. Last one, would it be stupid to pick a winner and use that one horse to place first in the exacta and on the daily double? I hope what I am saying makes sense. But if you could clarify this for me I would appreciate it. Thanks for all your info. Take care.

  6. My husband and I are traveling from Korea to Alberta, Canada (my hometown) this summer. We are gonna visit the track. I’ve been to the track once over twenty years ago, and my grandma also gave the same advice… if you don’t know what you are doing… bet to win! Can’t wait to go and have some fun!!!

  7. I don't bet on horse racing to make a 40 cent profit, I found for me playing a pick 4 is awesome, think about it like your playing 2 daily doubles for 50 cent can't beat it.

  8. I look for high odds horses with a chance of winning (based on speed numbers) I say 5/1 or higher…and use a show bet. A second type of race I like is a route with only a single horse that finishes the final 1/16 very very fast. They are often overlooked.

  9. How does it work do I buy tickets or is it all online I have hawthorn racecourse here just wondering I’m going to stop by sometime soon just wondering on how the wagers work ? Actually a few recetracks here in il but I definitely want to give it a try 🙂

  10. I grew up with my backyard full of horses. But I never even thought of betting on them. I used my horse for a trail buddy when I stayed out all night doing Astronomy with my friends. Which is beautiful. When I moved to Los Angeles I had a friend who was very good at betting on horses. He won a lot of money betting on Zenyatta. But I didn't bet but I loved it. So now I am thinking maybe I will give it a try. One of my horses candy he was a quarter horse and he won good money when my brother would race him. Anyway I will give a try.

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