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  1. What an impressive horse, just *wow*. You don't often see a horse with speed at the beginning, hold back a bit and not be a total rabbit, then have enough for a no-guts-but-only-glory surge of energy. You don't see that very often.

  2. Under normal conditions, and a few whips Flightline could have set a record. If it was a 1.5 mile, he might have set that record too. I'd give anything to see flightline and Big red go at it on the track.

  3. Hats off to Flightline, a very good horse. But there is no comparison to Secretariat. The margin of victory only relates to your competitors. The clock is the true judge and Secretariat ran this distance in 1:59 flat on his way to setting the world record of 2:24 at the age of 3, which puts him 6 lengths ahead of Flightline. There will never be another Secretariat in my lifetime.

  4. This was just epic,,remember this Flavian just asks him so gingerly and he takes off,yes jawdropping,,,this guy might not like the farm,,he is a running machine,,,,,it about the money now

  5. I been playing the ponies for a very long time and seen the best of the oldies, but this horse is the Lebron James of horses if Secretariat is the Michael Jordan of thoroughbreds !!

  6. Horses today are bred for precociousness and speed, but not for stamina and durability. Speed is important, but in races one mile and greater, stamina because increasingly important as distance increasses. Like so many horses today, Life Is Good lacks stamina and it showed when he completely ran out of gas with 1/8 of a mile left in the race. Unlike so so many contemporary horses, Flightline has some stamina, but like so many of them he lacks durability. Why else would his owners have him hang out idly for months between races, if he could be out winning millions of dollars running major races across the country?

  7. being alive is great sometimes, and we do not appreciate it as much as we should especially when we were all lucky enough to bear witness to a rare horse of Flightlines stature , it was one of those feel good moments in time for EVERYONE , a rare treat and seeing him just go! a Classic moment in time never to be forgotten such a wonderful horse

  8. The race announcer was quite close on the winning margin. He said 8, the official margin was 8 and 1/4 lengths. Fine race call without overhype. Is that Larry Colmus?

  9. Every time he raced…he made folks say "Can he be as good as he looks?". Massive lengths between him and opponents. Then in this race… was next to a fast pace, with a STRONG field… one the best fields in a lonnnnnng time, he BREAKS the all time record for margin of victory in the BCC, without even touching him with the whip. I don't think he was touched with it in any of his 6 races. He's real. In the conversation as one of best ever.

  10. Flightline is a what you call a PRESS BUTTON machine arguably the best son of Tapit. One of my gulfstream turfite would seh…If You Follow BIG HORSE YOU GONNA BLEEED..Ala life is good didn't even place, epicenter didn't even finish

  11. One of the things that makes this a great horse is that his jockey doesn’t even reach for a whip. He just lets him open up. You can actually see when his jockey stops holding him in and encourages him to go for it. And did any one notice that he was barely sweating and not even breathing heavily at the end of the race. He looked like he’d been out for a morning workout.

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